The Low Down on Soft Serve

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The Low Down on Soft Serve
There are not many people that would be unfamiliar with the creamy, smooth feel of soft serve. Prepared warmer than traditional ice cream to avoid a brutal episode of brain freeze, soft serve is an all-time favourite when it comes to frozen treats. It’s the combination of simplicity and flavour creativeness that won our taste buds, whether enjoyed as an icy dessert or to cool down on a hot day, soft serve has been a classic tradition that continues to expand and leave a place in the market.  

Soft serve is generally lower in milk fat than ice cream and contains a lot more air that is introduced at the time of freezing. The amount of air alters the taste of the final soft serve produced. The more air that is added to the soft serve mixture, the creamier, smoother and lighter the taste, plus the soft serve will have a whiter appearance. All ice cream must be frozen quickly to avoid crystallisation, however with soft serve this is done through a soft serve machine at the time of sale. The most common and cheapest production of soft serve is the powdered mix that is reconstituted with tap water with a base flavour of vanilla or chocolate. New flavours can be created through adding packets of flavour. More premium soft serves come in pre mixed liquid form and can contain actual chunks of chocolate, fruit or candy. 

As indulgent as soft serve seems, it’s not all that bad for you as there is so much air pumped into it to make it feather light – about 40-45% per serving. Soft Serve also has a relatively low fat content. When you take a look at the calories in soft serve, this frozen treat is still a relatively saintly dessert – as far as desserts go. In every 100g of soft serve, there are 222 calories, which can be broken down further into 13g of fat which is comparable to the 20% of fat needed in a person’s daily intake. Then there is the host of low-fat or non-fat soft serve options, which has been an even bigger boom for those customers “watching their waistline.” 

Indulging in a soft serve with a twist of vanilla and chocolate, perhaps topped off with some sprinklers, or the simple vanilla cone topped off with a flake is one of summer’s greatest culinary pleasures.

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