Soft Serve Makes a Comeback

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Soft Serve Makes a Comeback
Despite the rise in popularity leaving soft serve sales to decrease, soft serve is slowly gaining back popularity in the frozen dessert market. Adding the traditional creamy flavours of plain and chocolate, the soft serve industry has branched out to include more rich and indulgent flavour offerings. Not only is soft serve being served in cones, cups and sundaes, it is also being seen more and more as the side of sweet treats such as waffles, crepes and cakes. What was once seen as a classic frozen treat on a hot day is now being seen as an indulgent and rich way to treat yourself.

With the frozen dessert market more crowded than ever, the soft serve industry is finding new and innovative ways to claim back their top spot in the market and beat out their competitors. Introducing new, high quality flavours and embracing the simplicity and creaminess of crowd favourites helping claim their top popularity back. The introduction of more rich flavours is not the only attraction to customers but also the price. Unlike hard scooped ice cream, soft serve is made right where it is being served which cuts out any extra manufacturing costs and there is limited product wastage. These savings reflect on the price per serve of soft serve. Vendors are able to serve their desserts at a cheaper price compared to hard scoop and gourmet ice cream parlours. With the focus being predominantly on frozen yoghurt in the frozen dessert market over the past few years, soft serve has lower outgoing costs as they are focused more on creating flavours than creating a range of toppings and sauces to add to their product, like many frozen yoghurt stores today.

Now he had the equipment he needed to conjure up a plan on how to attract the target market. Burt promised to follow a specified route so families would know when to expect him and would ring a bell which chimed so everyone would could out and purchase his frozen desserts. At first the adults and children were drawn into the street out of curiosity from hearing the bell chime but before long the sound was synonymous with the ice cream man.

With lower outgoing costs than frozen yoghurt, customers love the low price and selection of flavours that soft serve vendors are offering. Offering more indulgent and creative flavours has had a huge impact on soft serve popularity; matching the flavour offerings of frozen yoghurt with flavours such as green tea; salted caramel and Belgium chocolate have set the soft serve industry for a comeback. Taking a page from the fro=yo manual, soft serve vendors are starting to offer self-serve bars where the customer is able to create their own creation mixing flavours, toppings and extras to create a complete unique serve. The sheer number of outlets for frozen desserts has grown over the past decade however the customer demand for a serve of plain creamy soft serve is still there, which is why soft serve vendors are ensuring customers know on top of their own customisation of flavours and toppings, the traditional classic soft serve is still around.

Customers love what they love; they have patterns and flavours that they will never turn away from, however they are looking more and more at safe variations of their popular flavours. These variations are being scooped into cones and alongside desserts across the soft serve market. As customers develop a more open flavour palate, soft serve manufacturers are offering the bolder flavours that were until recently not heard of. It was what made the frozen yoghurt market take off – the ability to create so many different and unique flavours, however with soft serve there is the combination of sweet and salty being served together. The competition with frozen yoghurt isn’t new to the soft serve industry and the market will continue to grow but it is no longer trying to be an alternative to soft serve but just another frozen dessert option – like hard scoped ice cream.
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