The Perfect Soft Serve Swirl

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The  Perfect Soft Serve Swirl

It is hard to imagine ever seeing a soft serve cone not be served up as a swirly tower quality soft serve product. Creating the perfect swirl from the soft serve machine to the cone is not an easy task has proven to be one of the most popular characteristics making up soft serve. Each serve is different from the last but continues to be the perfect swirl of soft serve throughout the whole cone. The real swirl is when you combine two soft serve flavours, most popular are chocolate and vanilla, which combines the two flavours into a perfect soft serve swirl. Even with chocolate dip the swirl of the ice cream cone is visible and bought out by the choc coating. It is all about each cone being aesthetically pleasing to the customer and inviting to indulge in. However to achieve this swirl there are two techniques in doing so – the twist and the push techniques. Each have their own characteristics and benefits into being used and both create a perfect swirl.

The Push Technique
The push technique is done by holding the cone under the soft serve machine nozzle and moving the cone up and down without twisting it. Due to the outward expansion from stuffing the cone with soft serve it tends to be more difficult to create the traditional ‘perfect cone but does however give more soft serve per serving. A major characteristic for the push technique is the smoother sides of the serve. Due to the ripple ring attachment on the soft serve machine not being used, the design of the swirl has smoother sides and gives that creamier, softer finish.

The Twist Technique
The twist technique requires you to balance a steady circular motion or the cone or cup and a steady slow downward pull from the machine nozzle. To ensure that the swirl has a rugged, texture appearance use a ripple ring on the nozzle of the machine. The twist technique is the most popular when pouring soft serve for the design it gives to cone, more specifically in the mixing of flavours with the two colours folding into one another. It creates a complex looking dessert from just the one soft serve machine.

The only real difference between the two techniques is one method gives more ice cream than the other. When using the twist dispensing method a small air pocket is created in the centre of the soft serve making more air be served per serve. The twist technique is more popular in fast food vendors for this reason and is especially used at self service bars, the cup is weighing more with less ice cream in it. On the positive side the more air in the ice cream the lighter and smoother mouth feel it has. With the push dispensing technique gives you 100% soft serve with no air, this provides a fuller tasting product.


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