Soft Serve flavour trends

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Soft Serve flavour trends
Serving up exciting flavours this summer
It’s that time of year again where the weather starts to improve and the craving for soft serve becomes stronger. With a higher demand for product soft serve vendors prepare for the influx of customers and plan how they can stand out from their competition – new serving ideas, more modern shop, interaction with customers via social media, cheaper prices etc.
No matter the occasion – a birthday party, after dinner treat, family gathering or just the urge to indulge, soft serve is a wonderful treat and allows customers and vendors to get creative. Soft Serve vendors are often offering cool combinations and unique creative flavours to attract customers and stand out from their competition – the more creative and tasty the flavour, the more the customers are bound to talk about it. For years and probably more to come, vanilla has been the go to flavour for customers as it’s the most versatile, mixes well with toppings and has always been a creamy classic. However soft serve flavours are only limited by imagination – manufacturers and vendors alike are constantly coming up with new and exciting flavours for their customers – Salted Caramel, Green Tea, Chocolate Raspberry, Sea salt etc. While it used to be a standard choice between the two battling flavours vanilla and chocolate – now customers are torn between sticking with a classic or branching out for something new.
Much like beverages, soft serve flavours are continuing to expand and become more creative with the changing customer market. Manufacturers are constantly looking at flavour trends across the desert market to find flavour inspiration. Searching in coffee shops, cafes, restaurants and candy stores for exotic flavour combinations – sweet & salty, fruity especially berry inspired, inspiration from the bakery counter such as waffles, biscotti, cakes and cookies. Familiar beverage flavours have made a breakthrough in soft serve flavours with lemonade, sweet tea and Mocha flavours debuting throughout vendors. Holidays especially are the perfect time for soft serve vendors to create fun and seasonal flavours that are ‘limited edition’ and especially available for the holiday. For example Cherry Ripe for Valentine’s Day, mint chocolate chip for St Patrick’s Day and using gingerbread, cinnamon and peppermint for the Christmas season. Flavour options depend largely on what will best appeal to customers at that time – which is why holiday flavours are always such a hit.
New soft serve flavours are a mix of exotic, premium, sweet and salty – flavours that appeal to the sweet and different tastebuds of the consumer.
• Strawberry Lemonade
• Chocolate and Hazelnut
• Bourbon Honey
• Orange Chocolate Fudge
• Banana Marshmallow split
• Dark Chocolate truffle
• Berry Cheesecake
• Butterscotch toffee
• Pineapple and Mango
• Salted Caramel
• Coconut Macaroon
• Smore (Marshmallow and chocolate)
• Butter Pecan

While most customers wish to indulge when eating soft serve, manufacturers continue to diversify their flavour options in order to fit into the various lifestyles of their customers. Alongside indulgent flavours like chocolate, vanilla bean, hazelnut brownie, soft serve vendors have mango, mixed berry, watermelon etc. It is an important part of flavour innovation to meet the needs of all and ay potential customers you have, the majority of soft serve consumers will be looking for that sweet and indulgent while others may look for something less sweet with a fruity overhang. Creative and different flavours provide a unique experience for soft serve customers to experience something new and that creates excitement.
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