Dessert Trends

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Dessert Trends

It is an exciting time for desserts with creative serving concepts and flavours flooding the market. One key player in the dessert market is the hybrid dessert – the concept of taking 2 desserts and merging them together to make one super dessert or ‘monster’ dessert. The constant reliance on social media has helped with the surge of popularity surrounding Hybrid desserts, with vendors posting on social media their latest ‘creations’ and customers using hashtags on pictures being posted. Hybrid desserts has taken over the dessert market and show no sign of slowing down as pastry chefs and dessert vendors continue to think of new and exciting ways to get customers coming back for more.

A leader for the Hybrid desserts over the past year and one of the first to be introduced to the market was the Doughnut Cones ‘Conuts’ – an alternative to the typical waffle cone, made out of cinnamon sugar covered dough and filled with chocolate and soft serve ice cream. The conut creation is a modern take on a classic dessert, in this case Chimney cakes, which are dough wrapped around a stick, grilled and topped with walnuts and sugars. 

The ‘Conut’ trend spread wide and fast around the world, featuring predominantly in market stalls and ‘alleyway’ dessert vendors. Relying a significant amount on social media to spread the word, many vendors serving ‘conuts’ catered their desserts to meet evens happening around their area and featured soft serve flavours that were new and exciting to create more buzz. Flavours included Golden Gaytime, Salted Caramel, Oreo Cookie Dough and Banana Vanilla – while also serving the classics vanilla and chocolate. 

Like the Conut, many Hybrid desserts are modern takes on otherwise classic or traditional desserts, playing on the tastes customers have already established for cakes, brownies, soft serve and shakes. Sticking to the general hybrid trend, many market stalls and dessert bars have introduced Milkshake Cakes (Freakshakes) which are ultimately milkshakes topped with soft serve or whipped cream and a slice of cake, a brownie or doughnut. With Freakshakes, it allows customers to enjoy the classic milkshake and a side of cake or brownie in the one serving. The sugary concoction was first established in Canberra Australia and quickly spread around the world. 

Ice Cream Sandwiches are a classic dessert that has once again had a modern makeover to make a comeback to the dessert market. While it is a classic hybrid dessert of adding ice cream or soft serve to a wafer, the twist on the classic comes not only from the flavours but also the staple ‘sandwich. Classically the ice cream sandwich used wafers as the staple, now ice cream sandwiches are being served between doughnuts, macarons, cookies, brownie and even cake slices. 

Vendors are creating ice cream sandwiches out of anything that can hold a layer of soft serve and customers love it. Not only are the staples changing but also the flavour of ice cream and soft serve which are being used. While the classic vanilla flavour is still wildly popular, markets are serving sandwiches with flavours including green tea, blood orange, deathly chocolate, cookies and cream and Nutella inspired  to name a few. 

From simple and nostalgic to quirky and creative, much like any other the dessert market will continue to grow and evolve with new trends coming in. With social media helping push products, vendors are doing all they can to find that one dessert that is ‘instagram worthy’ which will in turn generate business. Hybrid Desserts have dominated the market the past few years and the trend shows no sign of slowing down especially with unlimited flavour possibility and demand from customers for new experiences. 

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