Is ice cream a ‘Smart Choice’ for our kids?

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Is ice cream a ‘Smart Choice’ for our kids?
Quite naturally, children love ice cream for its sweet taste and its texture. Also, you cannot imagine of a replacement for ice cream though frozen yoghurt is just a similar product with which kids do not feel much difference. But kids should be allowed to take foods that are not going to affect their health.

If you live in Australia and manage a School Canteen, you might have to follow the traffic light system when choosing food for kids. Foods and drinks that are in the green are the best choices as they are the healthiest of foods and drinks. Children could be given these foods even at every meal.

National Healthy School Canteen Project also offers guidelines on food children should be served in canteens. Here also the main emphasis is to provide children with foods that have the right amount of energy and saturated fat. These are healthier foods for kids.

There are set guidelines for foods that are being served for kids. According to the food guide tables published in the website of Victoria Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, ice cream comes under the amber color of the food traffic light system.

Therefore, it is a food that is welcome to be served occasionally to children.

Since there are different types of ice creams in the market today, you have ample opportunity to choose the ice creams that conform to the set guidelines. Therefore, you never need to deprive the kids of their ice cream. However, you must choose the healthy products that will not affect their health by any chance.

In case you are looking for a choice of soft-serve ice cream that you could offer in the school canteen without fear you could choose Frosty Boy’s “Smart Choice” soft-serve ice cream which is classed as fat free product. It has less than 0.2% fat and 20% less content of added sucrose. Total sugar content that is being 15% less and the energy level being 25% less than regular soft-serve ice creams it really is a smart choice for kids.

Since “Smart Choice” being available in many localities across the country, you will never need to deprive the kids of a nice soft-serve ice cream at school.
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