Fun facts on Ice Cream

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Fun facts on Ice Cream
You need 50 licks to finish a single-scooped ice cream.
12 pounds of milk is necessary to make just 3.6 lt of ice cream.
Americans are the biggest ice cream eaters in the world and an average American consumes 48 pints of it every year.
The amount of money generated by ice cream sales in the US is more than 21 billion dollars per year.
Record for the biggest ice cream sundae is held by Alberta in Canada. It weighed more than 24 tons and was made in 1988. But don’t try to order one of them if you visit Alberta.
Do you know that the ice cream cone was born because a vendor in World’s Fair held in St. Luis couldn’t manage the demand? He went short of cups and a waffle vendor came to his help by rolling his waffles to make cones. This reportedly occurred in 1904.
It is estimated that a cow could produce sufficient milk to produce over 9,000 US gallons of ice cream in the life time of its.
Alexander the great has loved consuming snow flavored using honey and nectar. Alexander the great lived from 356 to 323 B.C.
It has been recorded that Nero, the Roman emperor who lived between 54 and 68 A.D. got down ice and snow from the mountains and stored in special store rooms to enjoy it after topping up with fruits.
Marco Polo who lived between 1254 and 1354 A.D. visited China and was able to taste ice cream. He brought back the idea to Italy as he was a native of that country.
Ice cream was introduced to the Americans in 1700s but it was a luxury that was enjoyed by wealthy.
Over 90% of the US households buy ice cream at present.
July is designated as the National Ice Cream Month in the US. The third Sunday of this month is the National Ice Cream Day. It was President Ronald Reagan who created these in 1984.
When you taste an ice cream, as it touches the upper part of the mouth brain freeze occurs dilating blood vessels on the head.
Some of these facts look strange but it is good to know them.
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