Does Ice Cream really make you happy?

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Does Ice Cream really make you happy?
Ice cream is a dessert that has been around for over hundred years. It has gone through a lot of development and today you have a variety of ice creams that come in various flavors with different types of ingredients being used for their manufacture.

Ice cream is a product loved by young and old alike. It is basically made out of milk fat and milk solids with sugar and stabilizers being added in its manufacture. There are ice creams with added natural fruit pulps as well as ones that are being flavored with artificial flavors. The variety of ice creams is such that there is a product that suits anyone’s taste.

Due to the fact that ice cream is a product that carries high fat, it is considered a dessert not suitable for those who have high cholesterol contents in their blood. But even such people could take this dessert as there are ice creams with low fat contents. Even for diabetics there are ice creams that use no sugar but artificial sweeteners.

Even with scientific studies it has been revealed that ice cream is able to stimulate the pleasure center of human brain. Therefore, you feel pleasure when you eat ice cream. If you accept that pleasure and happiness are similar or at least they are inter connected you could safely assume that ice cream make people happy.

With all these evidence you only could conclude that every single person likes ice cream and all of them are made happy by this frozen food that is well known internationally as a good dessert. Therefore, it is always better to go to an ice cream parlor and have an ice cream when you are looking for happiness.

When you have a creamy rich ice cream your brain’s pleasure centre will be stimulated and you will naturally feel happy. Not only you but also your entire family is going to feel happy when you have ice cream together in an ice cream store that will offer you a variety of ice creams to choose the one that you personally prefer.
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