Nutritional differences between scoop ice cream and soft serve ice cream

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Nutritional differences between scoop ice cream and soft serve ice cream
Scoop ice cream is the normal type of ice cream or the most common type. Soft serve ice cream is a softer type of ice cream. It is soft in texture as a result of air being passed through it during the freezing time. It is easy to differentiate between soft serve ice cream and the scoop ice cream. Soft serve ice cream looks a little bit thinner than scoop ice cream, which is normally harder than its soft serve counterpart. In relation to nutrition, the two might have close but different differences which in turn have different nutritional impacts on health.

The Nutritional value of soft serve ice cream is as below.

In every one hundred grams of soft serve ice cream, there are 222 calories. This can be broken down further to the following constituents. There are 13 grams of fat, which is equivalent to 20 percent of fat needed by the body by daily values based on a 2000 calorie diet. This is broken down into the following constituents; Seven grams of saturated fat, which is thirty five percent in daily values, polyunsaturated fat of 0.5 grams and monounsaturated fat of 3.5 grams.

Apart from fat, there are 91 milligrams of cholesterol. This is about 30 percent in the daily value percentage. There are also 61 milligrams of sodium, which is 2 percent; potassium of 177 milligrams which is 5 percent. There is also the total carbohydrate value which is 22 grams. This carbohydrate content is further broken down to dietary fibre of 0.7 grams, which hits 2 percent in daily value and sugar of 21 grams. In addition to the above in soft serve ice cream, there are 4.1 grams of protein, which is 2 percent and caffeine of 2 milligrams.

The nutritional value of scoop ice cream is as below;

A similar look on the scoop ice cream reveals that it has 267 calories. It has total fat content of 14.26 grams, which hits a daily value percentage of 22. The total fat content is further divided into saturated fat of 8.801 grams and makes up 44 percent in daily value. Contents of polyunsaturated fats of 0.575 grams and monounsaturated fat of 3.897 grams. Apart from these, it contains cholesterol of 53 milligrams, which is 18 percent in daily value percentage. There are 98 milligrams of Sodium, which is 4 percent in daily values and 269 milligrams of potassium. There exists 32.45 grams of carbohydrate, which is 11 percent in daily values. This is further divided in dietary fibre of 0.9 grams, 4 percent in daily values and sugars of 29.66 grams. The protein content is 4.68 grams.

Another important aspect in the consideration of nutritional value of the two types of ice cream is the vitamin content. Starting with the soft serve ice cream; it contains 11 percent of vitamin A and 13 percent of magnesium, 8percent of vitamin B-6, 0 percent of vitamin B and 3 percent of magnesium. It also has one percent of vitamin C and one percent of iron. Its counterpart, the scoop ice cream has 0 percent of vitamin A and 17 percent of calcium, 1 percent of vitamin C and 1 percent of iron.

* All nutritional values are based on an average, check on the nutritional panel of your specific product of choice for accurate nutritional values.
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