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    Consistent quality and taste – wherever you go!

    What makes Frosty Boy such a renowned entity worldwide?

    The ability to consistently produce a superior product with a passion for the brand and for the customer with continued dedication to quality. As a manufacturer for both the domestic and international market, we pride ourselves on supplying a strong distribution network with flexible capabilities that allow us to offer you multi-location dispatch.

    We also understand that to stand out from the crowd you need something unique.

    Our research and development department has extensive experience developing custom formulations for our clients and can support you across a wide range of services. The team will work closely with you to create a custom formulation with your very own signature flavour profile and private label packaging.

    Please contact our friendly sales team for more information or to discuss how we can help you and your franchise chain grow.

    Quotation Marks“Currently Frosty Boy holds certifications from Yum and
    Burger King”

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Kiosk set-up

Our kiosk concept can be set up as self-serve or behind the counter.  It also allows you to have a single or double machine set-up with a topping station, cup dispensers and removable acrylic display menu.

The kiosk concept allows you to capitalise on the soft serve trend immediately. It is ready to go and includes everything you will need to set up your soft serve add-on. Offering more alternatives to your customers, the kiosk concept can increase the patronage of your store and increase the average sale amount.

The kiosk is self-contained and specifically designed for stores to optimise their use of space, therefore maximising the profit by square metre. Make the best use of your store space and add extra profits to your business now!

Additionally, the kiosk concept doesn’t require extra staff and won’t increase your wage bill.

The self-serve kiosk set up has become very popular as customers of all ages love the DIY experience, customising flavours and toppings to suit themselves. It’s a fun and creative way to make soft serve!

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    Out of Australia

    Our products are exported to around 35 countries in the world. We have an extensive network of distributors. However, we directly assist entrepreneurs and chains to provide them with the right advice on their requirements.

    To ensure you get the best possible service from us, please contact us and we will direct your enquiry to the best channel.

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