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    Over 30 years’ expertise, Australian food standards, match for your taste!

    Frosty Boy has distributors in a number of countries around the world and unique capabilities to offer you a complete solution in soft serve.

    Our highly qualified Research and Development team can help you customise your formulation to match local taste profiles in the international market*. Our production capabilities enable us to offer private label manufacturing and a customised range of services to help you build your brand.

    An experienced and dedicated in-house team will help you with the product registration process for importation.  With a permanent global logistics support team on hand, we help ensure custom regulations are met and your product delivery stays on schedule. (*Minimum quantity order may apply)

    Quotation Marks“From Australia, with one of the highest food manufacturing standards in the world, to over 35 countries in 5 continents.”

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    Our products are exported to around 35 countries in the world. We have an extensive network of distributors. However, we directly assist entrepreneurs and chains to provide them with the right advice on their requirements.

    To ensure you get the best possible service from us, please contact us and we will direct your enquiry to the best channel.

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