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  • Innovation Flavour Sachet Range

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    Innovation Flavour Sachet Range

    The Japanese love affair with the cherry tree and its pink, fragile sakura blossoms is world renowned and cherry blossom as a flavour has increased greatly in recent years. A delicate floral flavoured soft serve reminds us that spring has come.

    Tiramisu is one of Italy’s most popular desserts and translates to “pick me up.” Tiramisu flavoured ice cream is growing in popularity across APAC. Our soft serve is a rich treat blending the subtle chocolate notes with coffee, biscuit and cream cheese. An elegant and rich flavour.

    Our creamy white chocolate base with vibrant ripe raspberry gives the perfect balance between sweetness and sourness. A classic flavour combination, ever popular it is sure to provide a refreshing yet indulgent experience.

    As consumers continue to explore international cuisines, Filipinos desserts are making their way into soft serve across many different markets. Popular in every Filipino festivity, Buko Pandan with its unique flavour combination of sweet coconut, pandan leaf, and sweetened milk is ready to be the next trend.

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