Choc Sachet

Choc Sachet

Choc sachet is a single-shot solution that can turn any Frosty Boy soft serve blend into a delicious chocolate version. Simply add the contents of the sachet and some water to the vanilla during the reconstitution process.


Monalisa Premium Flavouring Syrups

This new line was developed to appeal to customers that strive to offer healthier, high quality products to their clientele.

Monalisa premium syrups are packed with nutritional and operational advantages. Each flavour syrup.

From an operational perspective, Monalisa premium fruit syrups are easier to use as the ratio is 1 bottle of 500 ml to 1 bag of soft serve / frozen yoghurt.

Easy! No calculations or pre-measuring required!



Economic Range

Frosty Boy flavour and colour concentrates are added to soft serve, thick shake and slush bases to add flavour and colour. Perfect to use in cooking for flavouring icing, desserts and cakes.

With 11 different options, there’s one for everybody!

Flavours: Banana, Blackberry, Chocolate, Coffee, Cola, Lemon Lime, Mango, Orange, Raspberry, Strawberry, Tropical Blue.


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